Data from nature | Online

Our vision - listening to nature

We let nature talk to you. Online. We use technology in nature to deliver data for your organisation; data you can listen to and which can provide perspective and serve as decision support and input for optimisation.


We deliver Internet of Things solutions for the green sector. Our mission is to create data for improved insights when making decisions regarding the deployment and use of resources. Decisions which can then be based on facts rather than assumptions. 

We will make it easy to increase the number of locations with local nature data from exactly the place you need. This will improve your insights and provide you with targeted knowledge for a detailed effort to alter the way we work with nature. From routines to needs-based services.
Others can also benefit from your data. This way, we will create a strong information basis together which we can all use to optimise the resources we use on and in nature, to the benefit of people and nature.