Online numbers from nature

based on sensors

Our vision - numbers from nature

We help nature speak to you. Online. Let our technology in the nature provide data, to support your organization’s decisions and optimization.

The number of locations with data from nature enhance your insight and provides the required knowledge for a focused effort. We make it possible to supplement your existing data, with detailed data on the location you need most. Your data can be beneficial to others too, which is why we have created a community with a comprehensive data coverage that we all can use to optimize our resource allocation in- and on nature – for benefits of us and nature.

HedeDanmark expand their Internet of Things solutions to the environmental area. Our data provides the knowledge you need to make the best investments of your resources. Base your decisions on our facts, rather than assumptions. A solution for your company can be based on our existing sensors and infrastructure, or a custom solutions, where we establish new data sources to cover your need for knowledge on specific local areas.

We continuedly work with one goal in mind; to provide sensor solutions with low costs. We believe that the extent of data and data points provide a strong insight for organizations working local, but also for those who thing bigger.

Overview of sensors

In the overview below, you will find our current sensor solutions, as well as a range of sensor solutions in their different stages of development. We distribute some solutions on behalf of other producers, while providing and developing the rest ourselves. Some solutions are, therefore, installed and working for other customers and those can be bought now. There is also solution in the making, they are developed in cooperation the customers. You can read about them below and contact HedeDanmark, if you and your organization have an interest in the products, and/or want to participate in the completion of a great solution.

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