Concepts for you

Get inspired to work with Smart City and IoT sensors simply and practically. Get online data from nature and the city and use it to improve your services, safety and to make better use of your resources. It is easy to get started and we handle installation, monitoring of data and operation of the sensors for your safe use of the data.

Using our sensors and IoT platform, you will have a strong and clearly laid-out data basis. This makes it easier to make better fact-based decisions. With sensor data, you will have an important source which may help streamline your costs.

Winter road conditions

How to use our concepts

  • Do you want inspiration as to how to get started using Smart City and get knowledge about movement patterns in parks, on paths, through city gates and pedestrian streets?
  • Do you want to make sure that trees, containers and beds are watered when necessary?
  • Do you need an overview of water level developments and make online communication with the stakeholders easy?
  • Do you want to use online data to help manage operations and initiate tasks, thus utilising our integration with Sweco DriftWeb etc.?
We can help you transform wishes into knowledge and - via sensor measurements - into actual data.

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