Smart watering

Make even better use of sensor data by letting the sensor tell you when to water.

  • Give the trees the best conditions using timely watering and correct water quantities;
  • Use automatic calculations of watering needs;
  • Optimise your use of time and resources via task management using sensor data in Sweco DriftWeb etc.
Using our sensors and IoT platform, you will have a strong data basis. This makes it easier to make better fact-based decisions. With sensor data, you will have an important source which may help streamline your costs.
How to get started?

How to get started?

It is easy to get started making the most of the benefits of Smart watering. You can take one step at a time as and when you and your organisation are ready for it.

Smart watering - Step 1 – basis

  • Select a number of trees you want to care for using Smart watering;
  • Order the required number of sensors to represent one or more trees with the same growth conditions;
  • Get an introduction to the IoT platform with maps, reports etc.;
  • Let the sensor work for a while to collect accurate data for each location;
  • Set alarms for the minimum moisture level; 
  • Carry out watering when you receive an email or text message.

Smart watering - Step 2 – integration with operation and task management

  • Order connection of integration to Sweco DriftWeb or other operating system;
  • Adapt your task management to use sensor data;
  • Carry out watering when you receive a task which is now based on sensor data.
Do you want to integrate with Sweco DriftWeb or other operating systems, just contact us. We will then handle the process until you can see your sensor data.

Where can you use Smart watering?

You can make the most of the benefits of Smart watering in many ways. The only limit is your imagination, almost. Some examples:
  • Young plantations: e.g. pedestrian streets, parks, avenues, along roads, Christmas trees etc.;
  • Drought sensitive areas: e.g. pots, containers, basins, roundabouts or other places with fixed sides/bases;
  • Long distances: e.g. city or park trees located far away from your daily location; 
  • Requirements for dryness: e.g. if a MTB trail or path is sufficiently dry for use.

What does it cost?

Example of quotation for total purchase of basic solution including 10 sensors and integration with Sweco DriftWeb.
  • Set-up DKK 24,995
  • Annual subscription DKK 11,995
10 sensors cover between 10 and 200 trees dependent on the difference in growth conditions of the trees.
Would you like to know more and have a presentation of the concept?

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