Notification button

Notification button

Trash cans are there to keep our nature clean, but when does it need to be emptied? A full trash can is frustrating to people and can attract vermin. It is also a source of inefficiency, when resources are used to control half empty trash cans.
The notification button makes it easy to create awareness of the city’s outdoor areas. Let the citizens’ presence create value to both parties, instead of using guesswork to assess the trash cans’ levels. The button can also be programmed to record the garbageman’s work, as he can inform of an empty trash can by pushing the button according to the custom settings. It creates an overview of the levels in the trash cans, with no limits for its use. For instance, whether the grass needs to be cut on the football field, or if the lines need to be refreshed.

The procedure is quick and easy, so you can start generating valuable data in no time. You can monitor your data through a login on this page, or through an integration to your own solutions through our API – have your data presented in the ideal way for you.


Per unit
  • Data subscription 53,2 EUR /annually
  • Active 24/7 all year
  • Access data through a web portal
  • Access data through an API


Per Unit
  • Data subscription 41,58 EUR /annually
  • Active all day, every day
  • Access data through a web portal
  • Access data through an API
  • Notifications
Spring ’19

data collection

The button has an operational limit of -20 to 60°C. It is resistant to all sorts of wind and weather. A push to the button will send the information to the platform. The button’s settings can be custom defined to a wide variety of information, which can be transmitted from the button’s location.


The sensor is transmitting data through the Sigfox network, which cover 99.7% of Denmark. Sigfox is a cloud-based low energy network, which make local configurations like Wi-Fi or SIM-card irrelevant. Sigfox is a very secure system for data transmission and -storage.

Access to Data and functions

Customers get access to HedeDanmark’s own platform, where they can view the data from different periods. The data can be illustrated in graphs and printed, so you can present it based on your needs.

Use case​

Egedal Municipality go digital

Instruction with purchase

It can be necessary to install a repeater, due to the Sigfox network’s missing coverage and the risk of interruptions in data transmission. It can be purchased in the shop, if you experience problems with the network. The customer can annul the deal, if they are not interested in the repeater. In that case, all freight cost involved with the return fall to the customer, while any cost involved with starting up and the subscription are refunded.
Freight charges are always defrayed by the customer and can be viewed in the web shop.
In case of damage or vandalism to the product, the customer can buy a new unit for DKK 199 + freight, with same subscription as before. The product must be returned to HedeDanmark in a functioning condition, in case the subscription is terminated. The customer will be billed 26,53 EUR, if this criterion is not met within 5 days of terminating the subscription.
Find more specifications in the terms of reference.

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