People counting sensor

Numbers on traffic in nature

Facts over assumptions. How many run the running route or bike the mountain bike route? These as well as many other questions about traffic in nature can be answered with people counting sensor solution. The people counting sensor provides knowledge on traffic in the nature at the exact spots needed. You can use that knowledge to plan maintenance for the assets that need it, such as path, tracks, benches, trash bins and much more.

Login through this site or get an API integration to your own devices, so you can monitor the data any time.


per unit
  • Data subscription 206,4 EUR / a year
  • Access data through a web portal
  • Access data through an API
  • Dashboard with statistics
  • Incl. installation and maintenance
  • Monitors paths up to two meters wide
  • Registering op to 15 km per hour

People counting sensor solutions

This model contains a small easily installed unit. The solution ideal for passageways, such as paths, stairs, or uphill terrain, where passers-by move in a moderate pace. The sensors register with great precision, all movement in a 2 meter range and up to 10 km per hour. With operating temperature limits of -10 to +65°C, as well as an IP68 certification, you can be sure of your data’s quality. The unit’s installation is quick and easy for the customer with the included installation guide.

data collection

The units register through infrared sensors and transmit the counting every 15th minute, so you can have live data from the units. So, if 10 people pass the sensor in 15 minutes, then you receive the number 10 for that quarter. There is no camera surveillance and therefor no need for GDPR.


The sensors transmit data through the Sigfox network, which cover 99.7% of Denmark. Sigfox is a cloud-based low energy network, which eliminates the need for Wi-Fi or SIM cards. Furthermore, Sigfox is your guarantee for safe data transmission and storage.

Access to Data and functions

Customers get access to HedeDanmark’s own platform, where they can view the data from different periods. The data can be illustrated in graphs and printed, so you can present it based on your needs.

Use case​

See how Silkeborg Municipality use the people counting sensors

User manual

To ensure a safe installation and the best quality of data, we encourage to follow the service instructions in the user manual. Here you will find:

  • Unit specifications
  • An installation guide
  • Description of platform

Download the full service instructions on PDF here.

Instruction with purchase

It can be necessary to install a repeater in areas not completely covered by the Sigfox network, to avoid interruptions in the data transmission. You purchase the repeater by contacting the customer support on this site. You can also annul the deal, if you are not interested in purchasing the repeater. In that case, the customer is responsible for freight charges revolved in the return, while any start-up fee and subscription are refunded.

Freight charges always fall to the customer and can be viewed in the web shop.

You can buy a new unit of the extended version for DKK 2000 incl. installation, if the unit is vandalized, or damaged from causes that fall outside HedeDanmark’s liability. The customer continues with the same subscription as before. The product must be delivered in a functioning condition within 5 business days, if the subscription is terminated. The customer will be charged EUR 200, if they fail to do so. You can buy a new unit of the standard version for EUR 93,2 + freight and excl. installation. You can also have installation included for EUR 120. In both scenarios, the customer continues with the same subscription.

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