Soil moisture sensor

Soil moisture sensor

Dry soil, dead plants and a large watering consumption. The summer of 2018 was record warm in Denamrk and the sunniest to ever be recorded. It had great consequences for the nature, even though the Danish people enjoyed it. Trees, flowers, bushes and plants need water to survive, and the summer’s drought put a lot of pressure on the resources available to water newly planted crops as well as established plants.

With little knowledge of the moisture levels in the ground, it is easy to water the plants too much, to safeguard any chance of drying up. The alternative is to water them too little, which can result in irrecoverable damage.

With IoT technology from HedeDanmark, you can take decision based on facts. The sensor measures the moisture levels in the ground to help you estimate the need for watering in a given area at a given time.

The soil moisture sensor can also be used in reverse scenarios. For instance, with trees in urban areas, where they are planted in areas that does not have a natural drain. More trees die in these areas because of over watering than drought. With a soil moisture sensor, you are automatically notified about these conditions, so you can react before the plants are damaged or die.

You receive automatic push notifications, if the soil I too moist or dry. Furthermore, you can login to your platform, or pull data form an API integration to your own devices. Here you can also customize the limits for moist or dryness in your areas and be notified when the levels reach these limits.


Per unit
  • Subscription per unit 120 EUR / a year
  • 2-3 years battery life
  • Push notifications
  • Access data through a web portal
  • Access data through an API
  • Data without the need for Wi-Fi or SIM card
  • You own the unit, it is moveable

data measurement

The sensor is placed in a 30 cm depth by the wanted place of measure. The system calculated the moisture level by measuring the electric capacity in the soil. It will measure and transmit data once an hour, which will visualize on the platform as you go along. The result of the measurement is showing how much volume in the soil is water. You will receive a notification, if the measurements are too high or low.


The sensor transmits through the Sigfox network, which cover 99.7% of Denmark and continue to grow. Sigfox is a cloub-based low energy network, which eliminates the need for Wi-Fi and SIM cards. Because of the cloud-based network, you can easily move the sensor, without much risk of losing signal. Furthermore, Sigfox is very safe system when it comes to data transmission and -storage.

Access to Data and functions

As a customer, you will have access to HedeDanmark’s own platform, where it is possible to see the data from any period. Here you get an easy overview of all your units with a location map, as well as custom presented data. You can add text and annotations to the graphs before downloading or printing them – making them ready to be presented elegantly.

Instruction with purchase

It can be necessary to install a repeater in areas not completely covered by the Sigfox network, to avoid interruptions in the data transmission. You purchase the repeater by contacting the customer support on this site. You can also annul the deal, if you are not interested in purchasing the repeater. In that case, the customer is responsible for freight charges revolved in the return, while any start-up fee and subscription are refunded.

Freight charges always fall to the customer and can be viewed in the web shop.

You can buy a new unit, if the unit is vandalized, or damaged from causes that fall outside HedeDanmark’s liability. The customer continues with the same subscription as before. The customer has full ownership of the device if they decide to terminate the subscription.

See terms and conditions for further specifications.

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