Temperature- and humidity sensor

Temperature- and humidity sensor

Temperature and humidity are part of many decisions in the daily operations. You can receive data from custom defined locations, with HedeDanmark’s own developed temperature- and humidity sensor. The sensor can measure internal temperatures and external temperatures like on a road connected with a cable. With a quick and easy installation, you can be ready to receive valuable data in no time.

Login through this website or through an API integration to your own devices and monitor the data. Here you can also custom define limits, which will generate a notification when exceeded. On the platform it is possible to calculate the dewpoint, by looking at the humidity- and temperature levels. The you can be aware, if there is a risk of dew, fog or white frosted surfaces. For instance, see the ‘use case’ that shows how HedeDanmark use the sensor as an input to optimize snow clearing and salting all around the country.


per piece
  • Consecutive year 133,2 EUR
  • 35,000 annual readings
  • Access data through a web portal
  • Access data through an API
  • Notifications
  • Incl. service and battery change

data quality

With the sensor’s operating limits from -30 to 60°C with a tolerance of ± 0,3°C and +2% relative humidity, you can trust in high quality data. The sensor is built in a robust design, so you do not have to worry about anything other than your data.


The sensor is transmitting data through the Sigfox network, which cover 99.7% of Denmark. Sigfox is a cloud-based low energy network, which make local configurations like Wi-Fi or SIM-card irrelevant. Sigfox is a very secure system for data transmission and -storage.

Access to Data and functions

Customers get access to HedeDanmark’s own platform, where they can view the data from different periods. The data can be illustrated in graphs and printed, so you can present it based on your needs.

Use cases

See how the sensor is already used

User manual

To ensure a correct installation and the best quality data, we encourage you to follow the instructions in the user manual. Here you will find:

  • Sensor specifications
  • Installations guides
  • Description of the platform

Download the user manual as PDF here.

Instruction with purchase

It can be necessary to install a repeater in areas not completely covered by the Sigfox network, to avoid interruptions in the data transmission. You purchase the repeater by contacting the customer support on this site. You can also annul the deal, if you are not interested in purchasing the repeater. In that case, the customer is responsible for freight charges revolved in the return, while any start-up fee and subscription are refunded.

Freight charges always fall to the customer and can be viewed in the web shop.

You can buy a new unit for 160 EUR + shipping, if the unit is vandalized, or damaged from causes that fall outside HedeDanmark’s liability. The customer continues with the same subscription as before. The product must be delivered in a functioning condition within 5 business days, if the subscription is terminated. The customer will be charged EUR 160, if they fail to do so.

See terms and conditions for further specifications.

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