Water level sensor in wells and combined sewer overflows

Water level sensor for wells and combined sewer overflows

Wells and combined sewer overflows demand monitoring to ensure their functionality. It can result in costly floods, with great effect on the people and surrounding environment, if the well is clogged.

The monitoring and operation of the sewer systems are often based on regular supervision and cleaning.

With the wireless ultrasound sensor from HedeDanmark, the wells and combined sewer overflows can be monitored from a live online platform and notifications can ensure an efficient effort in maintaining and cleaning them. The sensor does a constant measure of the water level, which can be monitored through your login to this site, or an integration of an API to your own devices. It helps you keep abreast of the cleaning and make an efficient effort based on facts, not assumptions.


  • Data subscription 333,2 EUR / a year
  • Installation included in the price
  • Access data through a web portal
  • Access data through an API
  • Notifications
  • Incl. installation and battery change

data measurement

The unit measures the water level through ultrasound and transmits the data every 15 minutes. With a precision ±1 cm it makes the data incredibly reliable. Custom select your limits on the platform, so the sensor keeps you notified when the water level reach your selected limits.


The sensor is transmitting data through the Sigfox network, which cover 99.7% of Denmark. Sigfox is a cloud-based low energy network, which make local configurations like Wi-Fi or SIM-card irrelevant. Sigfox is a very secure system for data transmission and -storage.

Access to Data and functions

As a customer, you will have access to HedeDanmark’s own platform, where it is possible to see the data from any period. You can add text and annotations to the graphs before downloading or printing them – making them ready to be presented elegantly.

See further technical specifications of the product here.

Use case​

See how municipalities and utility companies apply the ultrasound sensor

Service instructions

Follow the service instructions, if you need to clean the well, or the water level sensor has to be moved because of maintenance. This will ensure a safe dismantling and installation. In the service instruction you will find:

  • A dismantling guide
  • An installation guide
  • Instructions in case the unit has to change location

Download the full service instructions on PDF here.

Instruction with purchase

Sigfox is a strong and widespread network, but there can be areas where it does not cover completely and where the data transmission can be interrupted. In those locations it can be necessary to install a repeater. It can be found in the Shop, if you experience problems with the network. It is possible to annul the agreement, if you are not interested in purchasing the repeater. In those cases, all costs of freight fall to the customer, while costs of set-up and subscription are refunded.

You can buy a new unit for DKK 2,500, if the unit is vandalized, or damaged from causes that fall outside HedeDanmark’s liability. The customer continues with the same subscription as before. The product must be delivered in a functioning condition within 5 business days, if the subscription is terminated. The customer will be charged DKK 1,500, if they fail to do so.

See terms and conditions for further specifications.

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