Gribskov Municipality is using digital technology

Gribskov Municipality have been frontrunners in the implementation of digital technology, as a tool to optimize their allocation of resources and achieve their vision. The municipality has invested in HedeDanmark’s digital scale poles, which they have set-up in streams and creeks.

Like all other municipalities, Gribskov prioritize the preservation of nature and development of their streams. It is therefore important to obtain knowledge on the water levels, because they can say a lot about the conditions in the given area and about the possibilities for tasks like keeping weeds down. The digital scale poles are placed in areas where the water levels can have a critical influence on plants and wildlife, or in areas where high water levels can damage the surrounding paths and houses. Hence, Gribskov have reduced the amount of nature caused damage for citizens living nearby, simply by installing the scale poles. Simultaneously, they have made the data available to all on their official website, so that everyone can follow the water levels live.

Earlier on, it was necessary to do on-sight measurements of the water levels, causing high cost of labor. Now the municipality’s employees and specialist can monitor the levels online, minimizing said costs. One area in particular has been greatly improved by the data, with Gribskov Municipality now able to determine in which streams to dig pits. The municipality is responsible for 51 streams and creeks with of a total 155 km. A stretch they have to ensure not to overflow. Now they can send an employee to the specific area with high water levels, by monitoring these streams and creeks online.

Benefits for Gribskov Municipality

Real time data of the municipality’s streems and creeks and their changes in water levels.

Remote measurement, resulting in fewer on-sight water level measurements

Weed cutting can be planned and performed in the optimal conditions

Improved decision-making on whether to dig pits and thereby prevent floods

Citizens experience and improved service with minimized risk of floods

Data for an optimized effort to improve wildlife and the natural resorts

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